Gideon Japhet Memorial ACP Open Chess Tournament. July 10-15, 2016



Gideon Japhet Memorial ACP Open Chess Tournament. 2016

In memory of Gideon Japhet

July 10-15, 2016
Prize fund: 55,000 NIS

Chess lovers are cordially invited to participate in one of four open chess tournaments in Jerusalem, Israel.


16:30 Opening ceremony
17:00 Round 1

11:00 Round 2
17:00 Round 3

17:00 Round 4 

17:00 Round 5

17:00 Round 6 

9:00 Round 7 
15:00 Closing ceremony

Participate in а fascinating battle of the minds

Top participants


Arkadij Naiditsch

German champion 2007


Tamir Nabaty

Israeli champion 2016
Rating 2636


Alexander Huzman

GM 2570
Second in Israeli championship 2014


Bortnyk, Olexandr

GM 2568
World U18 champion


Anatoly Vaisser

GM 2509
World seniors champion


Yuliya Shvayger

WIM 2376
Highest ranked Israeli female player

Additional events - public is invited

vi    12.7 10:00 Simultaneous exhibition game with GM Alexander Huzman vi   13.7 09:30 Youth chess workshop by top GM
vi   14.7 09:30 Chess arbiter seminar

Jeruchess - jerusalem chess club


Open A

Players with rating of 2000 or above


Open B

Players with rating of 1800 to 2200


Open C

Players with rating up to 1900

    (without rounds 2, 6)


Unrated players

    (without rounds 4, 5)

Participation is open to all players with an active player card at the time of the tournament. The Amateur Tournament is open to unrated players, no active player card is required. The results of the Open A, Open B and Open C tournaments will be reported to FIDE

Venue: Hebrew University Secondary School
1 Rupin Road, Jerusalem

1. Online, at this site.
2. Via text message, to Alon +972-52-2688666 or Shaul +972-50-7540424. Please indicate the tournament name and player number
3. By email, to
Tournament structure:
Swiss System. Draws must not be offered prior to the elapse of 30 moves .

Rate of play: 40 moves in 90 minutes, then the rest of the game in 30 minutes, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting at the first move.
Recommended hotels in the vicinity of the tournament:
Jerusalem Gardens, Jerusalem Park , Ramada Jerusalem, Rabin Youth Hostel and Guest House.
Participation fees:
Open A:250 NIS, Open B and Open C: 180 NIS, Amateurs: 50 NIS
Payment in cash or by check payable to JeruChess. Wire transfer in "Pepper Pay" app to 0507540424 (Jeruchess club) A discount of 20 NIS will be given to juniors, students, Yeshiva students, soldiers, Olim up to 3 years in Israel, seniors and JeruChess members.
Grandmasters are exempt from payment if they register in advance.
International Masters receive a 50% discount.
The above participation fees apply to registration prior to June 15. Late registration will be contingent on availability and will be subject to a 50 NIS surcharge. Late registration is possible on the opening day until 15:00 only.

Total prize fund: 55,000 NIS

Open A
1) 10,500 NIS
2) 8,000 NIS
3) 6,000 NIS
4) 3,500 NIS
5) 2,500 NIS

Best female player: 1000 NIS
Best senior player: 1000 NIS
Best junior up to 18: 1) 1000 NIS 2) 500 NIS
Best player up to 2400: 1000 NIS
Best player up to 2200 rating: 800 NIS
Best JeruChess members: 1) 600 NIS 2) 400 NIS
Open B
1) 3,000 NIS
2) 2,250 NIS
3) 1,500 NIS
4) 750 NIS
5) 450 NIS

Best female player: 300 NIS
Best senior player: 1) 300 NIS 2) 150 NIS
Best junior up to 16: 1) 200 NIS 2) 100 NIS
Best player up to 2000: 1) 450 NIS 2) 300 NIS
Best JeruChess members: 1) 450 NIS 2) 300 NIS
Open C
1) 1,200 NIS
2) 750 NIS
3) 450 NIS
4) 300 NIS
5) 250 NIS

Best player up to 1600: 200 NIS
Best female player: 200 NIS
Best senior player: 200 NIS
Best junior up to 12: 200 NIS
Best JeruChess member: 200 NIS
Chess prizes to the first 5 places in total value of 1500 NIS.

Elegant chess set, chess clock and chess books.

Beauty prizes:
200 NIS to the most attractive game in every round. The winning game will be determined by a committee appointed by the organizers. The prize will be awarded to the winner, and in the case of a draw shall be divided equally between the two players. Players may submit a nomination for the beauty prize in all four tournaments.

The prizes in each category are conditional on the participation of at least five players in that category. If a certain category is cancelled, the prize will be transferred to another category according to the decision of the organizers.
Prizes will be distributed at the Closing Ceremony which will take place half an hour after the last round. Recipients of the prizes are required to attend the Closing Ceremony.
The games on the main tables will be broadcast live on this site, and will be available on the website after the tournament.
The Amateur Tournament is for unrated players. The organizers reserve the right to preserve the character of the Amateur Tournament. Rate of play in the Amateur Tournament: 50 minutes + 10 seconds per move.
Refreshments will be served throughout the tournament at no cost.
The tournament t-shirt will be provided as a free gift for every participant. Please indicate preferred size during registration.

Rules for handling tie-breaks :
1. Median, then Buchholz and finally number of victories.
2. Monetary prizes will be distributed according to the Hort system.
3. No multiple prizes.

JeruChess management and the Japhet family